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With energy prices on the rise and constant scrutiny with utility companies impacting laws that affect how you benefit from solar, it is the most important time to go solar before it is too late. This is especially true considering that improvements in this field of technology have made it more cost-effective and easier to set up. Homeowners have several options available to them which weren’t on the market in decades past and which fit a variety of budgets.

Providing expert solar services in Lubbock and throughout Lubbock County, Smart Energy Solutions is the right choice for everything from installation and repair to routine maintenance..

For most customers, residential or commercial, the roof is the best location for solar panel installation in Lubbock. Typically, it already has the structural specifications that the solar panels require. All that is needed is mounting hardware and appropriate flashings. If the roof is not applicable, other mounting options are available, including or ground-mount options (i.e., standard ground-mount, ground pole). As a solar installation company with extensive experience, we can advise you the best location for your solar panel Lubbock.
By converting the sun’s rays into electricity, solar technology provides a renewable source of energy for homes and businesses. Although these solar units are usually at roof level and manufactured to withstand the impact from small airborne debris, they can still get damaged. Broken glass from rocks, bullets, large hail or displacement due to loose bolts on the mount are the most common problems. Specializing in solar panel repair in Lubbock, Smart Energy Solutions is here to help. If equipment has suffered extensive damage it is generally more cost-effective and efficient to replace than repair, especially if it is near the end of its lifetime. In this scenario, or If you need roofing work done, you will need to hire a professional solar panel removal service such as Smart Energy Solutions panel repair experts. We’re the leading solar repair company in Lubbock and throughout Lubbock County.
Solar panels generally require very little maintenance since there are no moving parts. A few times a year, the panels should be inspected for any dirt or debris that may collect on them. Always make sure you are safety-conscious when inspecting panels and don’t take any needless risks! If your panels are high up on your roof, be careful. Use caution with ladders or call the experts in solar maintenance in Lubbock – Smart Energy Soluions. For a general cleaning, simply use a standard garden hose to wash the surface of the panels during either the early morning or in the evening. Avoid spraying cold water onto hot panels or you could risk cracking them.
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